The Campaign…

…covers all of Wales.
The Your Medicines Your Health campaign has several strands:

A cupboard cluttered with medication is dangerous and can lead to

  • Using out of date medication
  • Taking another person’s prescription
  • Accidental overdose
  • Taking the wrong medicine

Be safe. Ask for a medicines disposal bag at your local pharmacy and return any old or unwanted medicines to them.

Antibiotics are precious – use them wisely to reduce the risk of developing anti-biotic resistant organisms or ‘Superbugs’

Going on holiday? It’s important you think about your medicines and plan ahead 2-3 months before you travel.

Our Green top container is developed with the help of the Rotary Clubs of Wales. Keep one in your fridge with your medication and health information inside in case of an emergency.

The Your Medicines Your Health messages are for everyone – our 3-lesson pack for years 5 and 6 lets children learn about safe and effective use of medicines in an interesting and fun way.

Inhalers - including the plastic, metal and gases - can be recycled, and returning them to the pharmacy gives pharmacists a chance to check whether they are being used properly.

Use the Green Bag to take your medicines with you if you have to go into hospital.