Welcome to Your Medicines Your Health

Our public education campaign to encourage safe and effective use and storage and disposal of medicines.

The Your Medicines Your Health campaign centres around advertising and promotional material, personal talks and presentations, using simple messages and giving people easy actions that they can take to improve their medicines management.


We are all being asked to self-isolate and only travel when necessary.

  • Look after your health – It’s still important to carry on with your normal routine, and take your medication as advised.

  • Seek advice from your pharmacy if you are in doubt about what you can take if you do feel unwell.

  • If you think you or anyone else in your family does have Covid19 symptoms, don’t go to the pharmacy to pick up prescriptions, get them delivered or ask a friend or another family member to help. There are also local support groups who will be able to help you.

It’s our aim to help everyone get the most out of their medicines. Our message is:

Take them if you can, tell us if you can’t

The education programme can be accessed by anyone at any age who lives in Wales or is registered to a Welsh GP practice. It is a campaign for individuals, organised groups, schools and voluntary sector organisations. YMYH team members will visit organised events and local groups e.g. Health and Wellbeing events, 50+ Forums, Sheltered Housing Accommodation, Falls Prevention and Carers’ Support Events.

We also deliver training session for Health, Social Service and Education Staff who would like to deliver aspects of the campaign.

Our bright yellow promotional materials promote positive, easy to read and readily identifiable messages and actions that can be taken to help promote safe medicines management.

Visit the Campaign pages to download YMYH resources.

Contact us:

Martin Davies – Chief Pharmacist for Community Hospitals, Strategic Lead for YMYH

Emma Williams – Clinical Pharmacist Lead Community Pharmacy

Email – YMYH@wales.nhs.uk

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We have been through difficult and frightening times… but don’t be afraid to get help if you are feeling unwell. Contact your GP or @NHS111Wales or your pharmacist for advice #WalesYMYH https://t.co/H8Zh8OALRT WalesYMYH photo